Antonio Mele: The most promising young economist I know
Eliana La Ferrara: My favorite development economist and coauthor
Micah Pollak: We shared an apartment and now also a paper about videogames
Luca David Opromolla: Ask him about restaurants in NYC
Dino Palazzo: One of the best people to hang out with
Andrea Asoni: Chicago-style economics with a sardinian flavor
Pierangelo De Pace: My general reference for time series econometrics
Mathias Kredler: A german economists that speaks spanish with a spanish accent? Sergey Popov: He studies fraternities (for scientific purposes)


Roland G. Fryer: Everything about race, discrimination and affirmative action
Hugo Mialon: Economics about strange subjects (check his paper about ecstasy!)
Tom Sargent: The Imperialism of Recursive Methods
Gary Becker: Approaching everyday life as an economic problem
Charles Manski: The econometrics for social sciences
Matthew Jackson: The economics of social networks

DATA SOURCES (for my research)

US CENSUS: US Bureau of Census
NCES: US Education Statistics
EdPubs: Tons of free data and report on US Education
US School District Demographics: Special Tabulation of US Census data at the school district level (1990 and 2000)
NBER data: Collection of data from NBER
ICPSR: Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). (Tons of data here)
HMDA data: Housing Discrimination Data
Cutler, Glaeser and Vigdor Segregation Data: Segregation indicators for US metropolitan areas
The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health): A survey on US schools, one of the best dataset to investigate social interactions and network formation


Cutler, Glaeser and Vigdor Segregation Data: Segregation indicators for US metropolitan areas
Census Bureau page on segregation: Resources on Segregation at the US Census
SSI: Roland Fryer's page on his spectral segregation index (also contains other measures and programs)
Rivers data: Jessie Rothstein's data on rivers


Y2K: Experimental Economics bibliography by Charles Holt
Z-tree: Free Software to develop and perform economic experiments, by Urs Fischbacher
Alvin Roth's Bibliographies: about experiments
Andreoni's Links: Links on experimental economics and game theory
Critiques to experimental economics: Critical material about experimental methods in economics, by Al Roth


Economics of Networks: Website with tons of resources on networks
Network Economics: Another website with resources on networks
Formation of Economic and Social Networks: Bibliography, Links, Software and other useful resources


Numerical Recipes: Links to free online versions of Numerical Recipes in C and Fortran
Netlib: Collection of math software, papers and databases
Computationl Economics online: Links to available software, programs, compilers, codes, tutorials, etc for Matlab, C, Fortran
James Le Sage's Toolbox: An Econometrics Toolbox for Spatial Econometrics
Fortran Library: An extensive list of Fortran codes
Mathtools: Resources for Matlab, Fortran, C, Excel, Visual Basic
Compecon: Computational Economics Toolbox, attached to the book Applied Computational Economics and Finance by Mario J. Miranda & Paul L. Fackler
Ideas Quantitative Macro: Links to various codes for Matlab and Fortran


Math Lecture notes online: A collection of math lecture notes, for all kind of needs
AMS Books online: A list of math books available online for free
Online Math Textbooks: A list of online math notes and textbooks
Lecture notes, Surveys and Papers: An extensive list of links to Lecture notes, Surveys and Papers available online for download
Math Archives: Lessons and Tutorials
Dmoz Math Directory: Links to various math notes, books and tutorials
Graph Theory, by Reinhard Diestel: An online book (pdf) on graph theory